Download Application for testing. Fill in the form and send it along with the sample via courier or bring it directly to our lab. Detailed description can be found in Guidelines for acceptance of samples.

Due to the character of destroying characteristics tested samples (or portions thereof) are not refundable to the applicant. When ordering the test is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of samples for the determination of all the parameters laid down in the regulations. If you doubt, contact us and we will help you or view the instructions for receiving samples.

Please, before you assign a test, read the General Terms and conditions (QP 7.1-2) for the procurement in IC GLOBALTEST Ltd.

To the attention of all persons (partners, suppliers, auditors, inspectors, audit agencies and other institutions) intending to examine, audit or visit the laboratory facilities or to service technicians performing scheduled or emergency maintenance of laboratory equipment – please, be aware that it is necessary to be familiar with the procedures for access to the premises – QP 6.3-2 “Access to laboratory facilities” and to sign a declaration QF 6.3-4 “Visitor Nondisclosure Declaration”, witch should be filled-in and left at the administrative department of IC GLOBALTEST LTD. This does not apply to persons presenting samples or those relating to any negotiation to be held in the boardroom or the host reception-room.